Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What's Best: Counter Depth or Full Size Refrigerator

Kevin Drako is here today to explain the difference between counter depth and full size refrigerators.

If you look closely at your current refrigerator, you may notice that it sticks out beyond the counter. Most refrigerators are like this and is called full size or standard depth refrigeration.

Counter depth refers to where the refrigerator alignment with the counter tops. This means that the refrigerator front is flush with the counter that is next to the refrigerator. The only thing that will stick out is the doors when you open it all the way. This option is all about looks and people that might be particular about things lining up just perfectly. The disadvantage with this refrigerator option is that there will actually be less usable space in the refrigerator and the cost of counter depth is usually more than standard depth. You may want to consider counter depth if you have less room in your kitchen as it frees up space.

Stop by one of our stores to see the difference yourself and to decide which options is best for you.

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