Monday, October 8, 2018

How to Trick your Washer into Filling with more Water

Kieth is here today to show you an awesome hack with you washer. Some people talk to us about wanting to have more water in the drum when they do a load of laundry. If you have a top load washer, this is a great hack for you.

Before we dive into this hack, lets first talk about the amount of water that your washer uses. Some might think that the washer is not using enough water, but in reality, it probably is using just enough water especially with the new Energy Star High Efficient washers. There are only a few reasons why you would want to add more water to your load. If your cotton fabrics come out dirty or nearly dry straight out of the washer, or if you are washing a big comforter. These are indications that your machine needs more water.

Before you do a load follow these steps to have more water in your washer:
1. Load your washer with the clothes that you want to clean.
2. Pick any cycle and have the drum fill up with water.
3. Drain the water out and leave your clothes in the washer.
4. Turn off the machine and turn it back on.
5. Select the cycle that you would like to run and let the washer complete the cycle.

By following these steps, you have tripped the amount of weight of the clothes by making them wet. The agitator at the bottom scenes the weight and will fill up the washer with water depending on the weight of the clothes.

This hack only works for top load washers and cannot be done with a front load washer. Front load washers have a limit on how much water it can hold and if it goes more than a certain amount it could leak and cause other issues.

Always use the recommended amount of detergent every time.

Other tips that you can do before you add more water to your washer:

  • Have smaller piles of clothes in a cycle to allow more room for the clothes to move around and get clean.
  • Use a more aggressive cleaning cycle like heavy-soil or heavy duty cycles.
  • Try using the steam settings if you have them.
  • Pick a better laundry detergent, but use the recommended amount.
  • Pre-treat tougher stains before putting the clothes in the washer.

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