Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Story of Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom - Interview with Chuck Ewing

CEO and owner of Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom is Chuck Ewing. He talks about his journey of starting his business and the companies success today. Watch the video to learn how he got started and how you can truly save money buying appliances from Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom.

Chuck Ewing at age 25 first started selling music equipment. He one day tried to sell a washer and dryer by putting an ad in the newspaper. The washer and dryer sold much more quickly than music equipment. He first started selling used appliances and focused on the service side of the business.He opened up his first storefront on the early 90s called East Colfax Appliances and started selling crated GE merchandise and then added new boxed appliances.

He changed the name to Appliance Factory Outlet and added offered a couple more brands including Frigidaire, Jenn Air, and more. In 98', Sears opened up the Great Indoors which was a department store catered to home decor and stated that the appliance business is growing. Chuck at this point moved to focusing on the sales side of the business spending 80% of his time on sales and only 20% of the time on service.

He opened up a second store in Colorado Springs and soon had 10 more stores to follow. Once they opened up the store in Grand Junction, he and the business started to learn tons about business operations.

In 2010, the company started to sell mattresses. Chuck noticed that they had extra room in the stores and they wanted to fill it with more inventory and decided that mattresses would be the best option.

The company has grown this year by adding 3 stores in the Midwest making a total of 19 stores in 2019. HH Gregg has closed down some of their stores in the Midwest and had started to go out of business. On the other hand, Appliance Factory is very strong and decided to adventure into the Midwest markets.

Chuck is proud of all the great buys that he can provide to customers. He is running a great quality organization. The company recently did a survey on appliance reviews with the big box stores including Sears, Home Depot, and Best Buy and found that their reviews are very low (1.7 star ratings) compared to Appliance Factory's reviews which are 4.5 star average ratings. This is true evidence that customers are happy with the service from the company.

The company has different divisions including Wholesale Distribution which focuses on the property management industry and Fine Lines which is the builder division specializing in more luxury appliances. With all of the different divisions Appliance Factory has over 500 employees.

Chuck talks about how the appliance business is a stable industry and recession proof. This makes the appliance industry a long term career path. The hardest thing about the appliance industry is getting people in the door. This is why he works with North Media and does different things to advertise. Appliance Factory is the primary sponsor of This Dream House radio show and Colorado's Best Kitchens magazine. They also have a company chef, Celebrity Chef Mark Kalix.

Chuck ends the interview by thanking all of the people in Colorado that have supported and trusted the business over the years. He also thanks all of his employees for all the great work that they do for the company.


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